3. Important Regulations


In order to minimize the handling capacity of solid wastes and simultaneously increase the resource reuse rate for a sustainable production and consumption, advanced countries around the world have all dedicated to promote waste reduction and resource recycling related policies over the last two decades. To thoroughly recycle materials with maximized benefits, the government has intervened in the resource recycling system by its authority in 1988. During this period, Taiwan had been through adjustments in policies and systems as well as amendments in legislations. The eventual result is that the resource recycling system and legislation are becoming even more complete and are the reference models for many other countries around the world. Following are the most important regulations.


1.           Waste Disposal Act(廢棄物清理法)

2.           Regulated Recyclable Waste Auditing and Certification Regulations(應回收廢棄物稽核認證作業辦法)

3.           Responsible Enterprise Regulated Recyclable Waste Management Regulations(應回收廢棄物責任業者管理辦法)