1. Evolution of the System

2. Organizational Structure

3. Important Regulations

4. Recycling System

4.1   The 4-in-1 Recycling Program

4.2   Fund Revenue, Expenditure, Safekeeping and Utilization

4.3   Management of Responsible Enterprises

4.4   Management of the Vendors

4.5   Management of Recycling and Disposal Enterprises

4.6   Audit and Certification, and Supervision Relevant Operations of Audit and Certification Groups

4.7   The Implementation Methods and Subsidies of Enforcement Authority

4.8   Educational Dissemination

5. Regulated Recyclable Waste

5.1   Regulated Recyclable Waste

5.2   General Waste Recycling Items for Enforcement Authority

6. The Recycling, Disposal and Reuse, Recycling Volume and Collection Rate of Different Materials

6.1   Articles

6.2   Waste Containers

7. Recycling Achievements

7.1   Overview

7.2   Comparison of the Resource Recycling Performance of Regulated Recyclable Wastes in Taiwan and the European Union

8. Future Prospects

9. Download Links